Panama City

This city combines the charm of Casco Viejo and the Old Panama Ruins with the charm of Amador Causeway and Avenida Balboa.

Panama City

On the cusp of two waterways, where the mouth of the Panama Canal meets the Pacific Ocean, lies beautiful Panama City. A highly sought after destination, Panama City is rightfully considered one of the world’s most culturally vibrant cities. Its incredible history, spectacular beaches, and endless outdoor adventures provide a world of vacation delights, and its nightlife rivals any popular party city!

Upon arrival, the first thing you’ll want to do is to book a tour to visit the Canal itself and with good reason. Bring your camera to capture the spectacular vistas and learn how this amazing Canal operates. If you’re feeling bold, venture into the jungle on a guided tour and see for yourself some of the world’s most exotic wildlife.


Adventure lovers will find no shortage of exciting things to do. Choose from any number of day trips and tours, everything from hiking and biking through wild terrain to soaring over the forest canopy on a zip line.


For those whose idea of the perfect getaway is relaxing on a beautiful beach, or for those who want to begin or end their adventurous day on or along the waterfront, there are no more stunningly unique beaches than those in Panama City. Where else can you find not just one but two coastal beaches, both resplendent with pristine sand and breathtaking views? Perfect for family fun or a romantic retreat, in addition to serene sunbathing, vacationers can enjoy surfing, swimming, fishing, boating, sailing, snorkeling and more.


And make sure to make time to take in the local color, too! Panama City offers some of the richest culture and history in the world. Spend an entire day—or a week—discovering places you’ll find nowhere else. Visit the nearby villages and sample the natives’ homemade goods. Explore the coffee farms and enjoy a historical tour of the City including the district of Casco Viejo and the ancient Old Panama ruins. There’s no limit to the captivating allures available in Panama City in just one afternoon!


In the evening, treat yourself to the wonders of the City by night. Relax with a refreshing drink, enjoy a sumptuous meal in a fine restaurant, then top off your evening with dancing in one of the City’s energetic clubs. Or take one more leisurely stroll down the beach and savor the sunset.


When it comes to choices, Panama City really does have it all! So book your destination vacation to Panama City today!


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